Mark James Domino was born in Northern Delaware on May 13th, the day of natural appeal. He attended the University of Delaware and majored in Psychology. While in school, Mark committed himself to live experimental video performance in the electronic music and art scene. While living in New York City in 2001, Mark was awarded a graduate fellowship to the Brown University Department of Music's Computer Music and Multimedia Program. After receiving his master's degree, he instructed graduate courses in RISD's Digital Media MFA program.

After six years of living and working in Providence, Rhode Island he returned to New York City. Since then, Mark has worked with notable galleries and artists. While gaining experience outside of his academic roots, he has continued to explore the connections between the creative and the technical.

Currently, Mark uses elements of design, engineering, and creative thinking for commercial & nonprofit projects, design collaborations, and his own art. In the summer of 2012, Mark will be unveiling Spireworks, a democratic and philanthropic call to action on the New York City skyline.


Helena Rose Durst was born in Southern New York state on March 8th, the day of the nonconformity.

Helena is President of New York Water Taxi and Circle Line Downtown, as well as a fourth-generation manager and employee of The Durst Organization. Helena started her career as an intern at the Hudson River Park Trust, where she not only fell in love with the Hudson River waterfront but also gained valuable insight into the City’s complex land-use review process. After studying real estate at Baruch College. She instituted a comprehensive greening of the company’s building management operations that has improved landfill diversion rates, green cleaning practices, and resource conservation. She has increased productivity and sales at the sister waterborne transportation organization.

Thanksgiving Weekend Traffic

It was Thanksgiving Weekend, Mark had just returned to New York after driving through six hours of traffic from Delaware to meet long-time friends at a North Williamsburg dance club. Helena had also found her way to the same venue and was dancing with her own friends from Walla Walla, Washington. Mark spotted Helena dancing across the room and shimmied up next to her. The only words they exchanged that night was their names, but that was enough to find each other in the following days.

The Internet played a large part of how we started our relationship. We each discoverd we had mutual friends, who praised and approved of our serendipitous meeting over online exchanges. A few kind notes, led to meeting again in person, savoring dinners together and, taking long hikes with Brownie in the country. All of which led to us getting engaged at Brooklyn Botanical Garden and forging our homestead in Katonah.

Thanks for taking the time to share in our story. We look forward to seeing everyone at the wedding!